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Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

Audiological Services of San Francisco provides all of the tools needed to identify and treat hearing loss. Our hearing services cover evaluations, tests, device recommendations and cerumen removal. Services are based on the results of evaluations and tests for each individual.

Hearing Aid Evaluation and Selection

A hearing aid evaluation will determine the extent of hearing loss damage. It is the best way to gather information in the shortest amount of time. Audiologists look at the past medical history of the patient and compare them to the results of the hearing tests. Written and physical tests are part of the evaluation, so all necessary methods are covered. If hearing loss is extensive, professionals will talk about all available options, including hearing aids. To ease patients into the process, an audiologist will educate them about the current styles of hearing aids, and may even let them touch and try out the different options.

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Hearing Aid Dispensing & Fitting

Professionals will instruct patients on using their new hearing aids during the fitting. This includes cleaning, adjusting the volume, changing the batteries and any applicable advanced functions. Because there is so much information during the fitting, it is recommended to bring a friend or a loved one. If any hearing aid adjustments need to be made, they are done during the session. This is the best chance for a first time hearing aid user to get acclimated with their new device and audiologist.

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Hearing in Noise Test

The state of a patient’s hearing ability in a noise test will bring to the surface a lot of hidden problems. Tinnitus is one of the larger issues and affects millions daily with a constant ringing, buzzing or whistling in their ear. Audiologists use a range of tests to find out if tinnitus or any other hearing problems are the culprits behind hearing loss. In addition to the following services, Audiological Services of San Francisco works with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) and third-party administrators such as TriWest, QTC and MSLA, to ensure veterans receive the hearing healthcare testing, diagnosis and treatment needed.

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Hearing Test

Different devices and methods are used for hearing tests; so individual tests will always be different, even for industrial workers. An audiometer will be used to determine the extent of the hearing loss and will find the level at which an individual understands speech. The entire process is concluded in less than an hour and can also include testing for air conduction, speech, bone conduction, and tympanometry or acoustic immittance testing. Patients should be prepared to discuss options after the tests are finished.

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Hearing Aids

From basic to modern, there are many types of hearing aids to improve hearing. Styles are a priority with the available set and range from in the ear, in the canal, behind the ear and a full shell. There are sub-options in every category that target minor to severe hearing loss. All hearing aid devices are custom fitted for the individual they’re assigned to, giving a huge boost to performance and comfort. Accessories are available based on the brands, and a lot of the modern choices support Bluetooth.

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Industrial Hearing Screenings

Workers in certain occupations are required to receive regular hearing tests due to the risk of hearing loss that can be caused by excessive noise in their workplace. These hearing screenings can be completed in less than 30 minutes, and comply with the standards set by OSHA.

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