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Hearing Aid Evaluation

Going through an evaluation is one of the steps to getting better hearing. With the information gathered, professionals can make a final determination on how to proceed. This vital information helps them to create a customized prescription for each individual. If the goal is to have better hearing health, then the evaluation is a top priority for any patient. Setting up an appointment with an audiologist at Audiological Services of San Francisco will ease any fears about hearing problems. 

The first appointment

Past medical information shapes what areas the audiologist will focus on in an evaluation. Access to past medical history is vital in ruling out all of the causes of hearing loss. Using that information with the results from the evaluation can pinpoint a pattern of hearing loss, root problems and even point to other conditions that are at fault. Establishing this connection with the help of past medical history is a big help to the professionals during the evaluation process. 

What are some causes of hearing loss?

Problems on the surface can point to where the hearing loss started. Physical problems like cerumen buildup or visible ear damage are worth examining. When examining the eardrum and ear canal, audiologists check for physical problems and blockages. Professionals remain informative throughout the entire evaluation, explaining important details about how the brain and ears work together. 

Hearing evaluations

Hearing difficulties are explored through several short and long tests. The type of tests that are used have already been determined at this point based on medical history and the previous physical examination of the ears. All of the tests are informative, and can even notice if there is a difference in the hearing levels of each ear. It isn’t uncommon to have hearing loss in one ear while the other is fine. Some of the tests include pure-tone testing, auditory brainstem response, speech testing and otoacoustic emissions testing. 

Understanding the results

Once the tests have been conducted, the audiologist at Audiological Services of San Francisco will discuss your results. Audiologists will point out any issues in hearing health while outlining a treatment path. If the treatment involves hearing aids, recommendations on models and features will be made. Demonstrations of hearing aids supported are available and serve as a great way to get patients comfortable with the technology. It’s also a good introduction to the styles of hearing aids for first-time users.