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Hearing Aid Fitting

The hearing aid fitting is a big step for new and current users. During this meeting, they will gain access to a powerful device that transforms the way they hear the world. This short introduction is important and it is recommended that patients bring a friend or loved one. With all of the new information that is gained, it’s helpful to have someone extra in the room. The audiologists at Audiological Services of San Francisco will work with you to make sure you not only select the right hearing aids for your needs, but that they are also properly programmed and fit to help you get the most out of your devices. 

Taking care of your hearing aids

Patients will receive their hearing aids after the devices are programmed. Settings are made based on test results and are set so that they match the daily hearing needs of the user. Insertion and removal of hearing aids are explained during the meeting. A good portion of the information covers normal use like changing the settings, batteries and volume. A good idea for first-time patients is to bring questions for their audiologist to answer. This will remove any uncertainty about the operation of the devices. 

Getting used to the technology

Using hearing aids for the first time is an experience that can be overwhelming. With all of the new sounds flooding into a patient’s brain, everyday audio will feel new. The quality should be high, so if the sound seems a bit off the device can be adjusted to accommodate the user. That is part of the fitting process and getting the device just right for all day use. A little bit of testing during the fitting will make sure that the audio is balanced on both sides. 

Follow-up appointments

A hearing aid fitting is only the beginning of the process. Patients should already look ahead to scheduling a follow-up appointment concerning their hearing health. It will give audiologists a chance to check on the progression of their patients listening experience in real-world settings. Further customizations are available based on the information that is collected. Recommendations for accessories and even upgrades are a possibility once patients are used to their devices. 

A boost in confidence

Professionals set up a custom prescription that puts their patients in a great position to hear sound clearly. The type of hearing aid chosen will play a role in the confidence of the user. Invisible hearing aids are great at protecting the privacy of the person wearing them. But even for users of other styles, confidence is all about trusting in the power of the device.