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Hearing Tests

When hearing ability isn’t as strong as it used to be it can cause issues in your daily activities. Over time hearing loss will decrease at a natural rate. Loss that goes past a certain threshold should be looked at by an audiologist. The level of degradation and its cause are the reasons why hearing tests exist. Any of the uncomfortable effects of hearing loss can be lessened or nullified when the right information is available. At Audiological Services of San Francisco, our audiologists will walk you through the hearing testing process and ensure you understand why and what we’re doing to better understand your hearing health.

Your first appointment

Home and office hearing tests are fairly simple with the right information. A full medical background history is needed so that an audiologist can cater it to their patient. To keep a patient from being overwhelmed, professionals will talk test takers through the entire process. This includes information before the evaluation, during it and afterwards when test results are discussed. Once a clear goal is decided, it only becomes a matter of following through.

What tests are included in a hearing exam?

The testing process is different and based on the type of hearing loss. Some of the most well-known tests are otoscopy, tympanometry, tone testing, speech tests, bone conduction testing and tinnitus tone matching. Testing is usually done in under an hour, but patients should prepare to spend some time afterwards to discuss options. Here is a breakdown of each test:

  • Tympanometry – Professionals test for eardrum and middle ear health
  • Tone testing – Using low to high frequencies, the test finds out the lowest tone a person can hear
  • Speech – Individuals will have their understanding of speech tested in both quiet and noisy situations

Why is It Important?

Poor hearing will only get worse if the cause isn’t known. Testing leads to a clear solution that improves hearing health on a long-term basis. It isn’t uncommon for people to go their entire lives without taking care of their hearing. When hearing issues are present, it trickles over into other parts of a person’s lifestyle. Confidence is lost, memories are missed and deeper underlying health problems are not discovered. In the capable hands of an audiologist, a hearing test is the beginning to better hearing health.